Before your end users can work with the AppStacks provided by your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, you have to use the Administration Console to create assignments for them. Before you can create an assignment to an AppStack, the AppStack must be imported into the environment from the file share registered with your Horizon Cloud Node.

The Administration Console provides the following navigation paths to create these application assignments. You can start from the Getting Started wizard or perform the actions using the Assign screens.


You perform the AppCapture step outside of the Administration Console.


From the Getting Started wizard

From any location in the Administration Console

Capture the application as an AppStack

You run the App Volumes AppCapture utility to scan your available applications and create the AppStack files. Then you add those files to the file share. See Creating Applications for Use in a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure Environment.

Even though this step is listed in the Getting Started wizard's App Assignment section, you perform the steps outside of the Administration Console. The wizard displays this step as complete when the AppStacks are imported into the inventory. See About the Inventory Icon.

You perform the steps outside of the Administration Console.

Verify the AppStack is imported into the inventory. If not, import it using the Locations - File Share page. See Import AppStacks.

App Assignment > App Inventory > Go

Inventory > Applications

Create the application assignment. See Create an Application Assignment.

App Assignment > Create New App Assignment > New

Assign > New > Applications

In addition to AppStacks, the system uses its underlying App Volumes capabilities to support using ThinApp virtual applications. App Volumes delivers ThinApp instances as VMDKs. See the VMware technical white paper ThinApp Virtual Applications with CloudVolumes Shared VMDKs for details.