After you publish your initial image and create your desktop assignments, you can make changes to that image and push the changes to the existing desktop assignments that are using that image.

You can update the image in place in your Horizon Cloud Node's vCenter Server environment by making a copy of the image. You can also update the image offline (outside of the vCenter Server environment) and drop the new images to the file share associated with the node.


If you perform the update offline, make sure that the OVA file has a different internal name than the previous image that you are replacing. Images with duplicate names fail to deploy to the vCenter Server environment.


Select Inventory > Images and select the check box next to your image.


Click Duplicate, name the new virtual machine and click Save.


Select Monitor > Activity to track the copy process, and verify that the status is successful.

It can take a few minutes for the desktop to be available for selection after the copy process finishes.


Select Inventory > Images and select New.


In the Desktop text box, start typing the name of your new master virtual machine and select it from the drop-down menu.

A warning message indicates that your virtual machine is currently powered off.


Select Power On, wait for the IP Address field to populate, then click the IP address to download an RDP file.


Click the RDP file, connect to your virtual machine, and make the required changes to your image.


Click Publish.

Wait until the publish operation finishes and the image is online before continuing.


Select Inventory > Images and select the check box next to your new image.


Select ..., click Assign Image, select the assignments to update, and click OK.

The system deletes each virtual machine in the selected assignment and recreates it using the new image. If a user is logged into a desktop when you push the updates, the system does not update that desktop until the user logs off.


Required If no other assignments are using the original image and you want to delete it, select ... and click Delete.