You can perform several actions on the images listed on the Administration Console's Images page.


Select Inventory > Images.


Select the check box next to the image on which you want to perform an action.


Perform an action on the image according to the selection method.

To rename or duplicate an image, click the appropriate button.




Enter a new image name and click Save.


Enter a new name and click Save.

To perform one of the other available actions, click ... and select the drop-down option of your choice.

Drop-Down Option



Permanently deletes the selected image.

Convert to Desktop

Converts the selected image to a desktop.

Assign Image

Assigns the updated image to the selected desktop assignment. Select the assignment from the list and click OK.

Download Bootstrap

Downloads an encrypted bootstrap file for you to deploy to your images.

When you select this option, you are prompted to enter a password of 8-20 ASCII characters containing at least one each of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, and symbol (!@#$%^&*). Do not use non-ASCII characters in the password.

Refresh Password

If you refresh the password after having downloaded a bootstrap file but before applying the bootstrap file using keytool, then the resultant agents will not be able to pair. Therefore, it is recommended that you download the bootstrap file again after refreshing the password.