Before you can bring master virtual machine (VM) OVA s and AppStacks into your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, you must register a file share with your Horizon Cloud Node.


Select Settings > Locations and click File Share.


Click New.


Provide the required information in the New File Share dialog box.




Name of the file share.


Select the Active Directory domain that is registered to your Horizon Cloud Node and to the network file share.


Admin user for the file share.


Admin password for the file share.


Type of file share.

Source Path

Path to the network file share, such as \\share IP\sharename.

Destination Pod

Virtual environment into which the master VM OVAs and AppStacks on this network file share are to be copied. The default destination is the virtual environment that matches your Horizon Cloud Node. To see the names of the available virtual environments, click in this box.


Click Save.

The location of this network file share is registered with your Horizon Cloud Node. Any master VM OVAs and AppStacks that are currently stored on the network file share are automatically brought into your Horizon Cloud Node system.

When you store additional AppStacks or new versions of the existing ones on the file share, use the Import button on the File Shares page to bring them into the system.