Create writable volumes to maintain information about user-installed applications between login sessions. Writable volumes are containers for persistent user-installed applications. After you create a writable volume assignment for a user or group, the corresponding writable volume is created in the datastore in your Horizon Cloud Node environment.

For users, the writable volume is created when you create the assignment using the Administration Console. For groups, the writable volume is created at the user's first login, which slightly increases the amount of time required for the initial login.

A writable volume is attached to a desktop at user login. When the user logs out, the writable volume is unmounted and detached from the desktop virtual machine.

Users can have more than one writable volume assigned to them. However, a user can attach only one writable volume to each virtual machine. A writable volume is created for each operating system and desktop prefix combination, and is available only for a single desktop instance with this combination. The writable volume is still in use if a user has an active or disconnected session using that writable volume. If the user attempts to log in to other desktops with the same operating system type and desktop prefix combination, the writable volume does not attach to the new virtual machine.

I cannot see the writable volume on my additional desktop.

To avoid conflict and to ensure error-free operation, writable volumes are enabled for one session per user for a given desktop OS type. To enable access to a writable volume on an additional desktop, first log out from any existing connected or disconnected sessions before you log in to the additional desktop.

How can I check the use and free capacity of my allotted writable volume?

You can check this information in the Administration Console. Select Settings > Storage Management and click Writable Volumes.

How can I get persistence of users' data, settings, and profiles between login sessions?

To get persistence of users' data, settings, and profiles between login sessions, you must configure your environment according to the best practices described in the VMware App Volumes with Horizon Cloud Application Delivery Best Practices and Operations Procedures document available at That document describes how to leverage User Environment Manager to achieve user settings and persistence management for the virtual desktops and applications delivered by your environment.