The procedure to power on Horizon Cloud Nodes requires you to use the same tools and technologies used to shut down the Horizon Cloud Nodes.


Because a vSAN cluster is part of the Horizon Cloud Node environment, information about shutting down a vSAN cluster is applicable to shutting down Horizon Cloud Nodes. See in preparation for the instructions that follow.

Perform the following steps on each Horizon Cloud Node in your environment.


Power on each host in the cluster using a remote-access technology, such as iLO or DRAC.


Run an ESXCLI command to take each ESXi host in the cluster out of maintenance mode, starting with the first host and continuing with the subsequent hosts.

You can access the hosts using the SSH client or by using a remote access technology, such as iLO or DRAC, to access the ESXi console.

esxcli system maintenanceMode set -e false


Using the vSphere Host Client, access the ESXi host on which the vCenter Server Appliance virtual machine (VM) is located and power on the VM.

After several minutes, the vCenter Server Appliance VM powers on.


Reconnect to the vCenter Server Appliance using the vSphere Web Client.


Starting with the first ESXi host and continuing with each host in the cluster, navigate to Summary > Custom Attributes, click Edit, and verify the InstantClone.Maintenance attribute has no value set.

If the InstantClone.Maintenance attribute has a value set, clear out the value.


If your cluster uses vSphere 6.0.n, you cannot perform this step using the vSphere Web Client. Instead, use the vSphere Client to navigate to each hosts's Summary > Annotations to edit the InstantClone.Maintenance attribute.


If the following virtual machines are located on hosts in the cluster, power them on in the order listed below.


Your environment might not include all of the VMs listed below. For example, when a Horizon Cloud Node is built on a vSAN Ready Node, the environment does not have a VxRail Manager virtual machine.

VxRail Manager

vRealize Log Insight


Power on the smartnode-sm1 appliance and the Horizon Air Link virtual machine in the following order.


Horizon Air Link


In the Administration Console, navigate to the desktop assignments and power on the desktops within each assignment.


Log in to Horizon Cloud at


Click Assign.


Click the name of a desktop assignment.


Click Desktops.


Select the check boxes next to each desktop that you want to power on.


Select ... > Power On.


Repeat steps 8c through 8f for each desktop assignment.

Continue using your environment to confirm the system functions as normal.