After you create a desktop assignment and import your App Stacks, you can create an application assignment.


On the Getting Started page, expand the App Assignment section if necessary and click Go for the Create New App Assignment option.


On the Assignments page, click New.


In the New Assignment dialog box, click Get Started in the Applications section.


Provide the required information to configure the application assignment.



Assignment Name

Unique name for the new assignment.


Select the correct operating system from the drop-down menu. This operating system must be the same operating system used to capture the applications.

Computer Name Prefix

(Optional) Enter a prefix. Entering a prefix limits access to the applications assignment to authorized users who log in to a desktop assignment that has the same prefix at the beginning of its name. If you leave this option blank, all authorized users can access the new applications assignment regardless of the desktop assignments they are logged in to.


Click Next.


In the New Application dialog box, select the check box next to each application bundle to include in the assignment, and click Next.


In the Active Directory Search text box, start typing the name of a group from your Active Directory.


Select a group from the list.


(Optional) Search for and select additional groups and click Next.


On the Summary page, confirm that the information is correct, and click Submit.

The assignment appears on the Assignments page.


On the Assignments page, click the new assignment to view details.

After you create an application assignment, you can manage the assignment, such as by viewing, editing, or deleting it. See Managing Assignments.