Adjust the session timeout settings in Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure to allocate enough time to avoid data loss.



Client Heartbeat Interval

Controls the interval between Horizon Client heartbeats and connected state. These heartbeats report to the broker the amount of idle time that has passed. Idle time occurs when no interaction occurs with the end-point device, as opposed to idle time in the desktop session. In large desktop deployments, setting the activity heartbeats at longer intervals might reduce network traffic and increase performance.

Client Idle User

Maximum time that a user can be idle in a connected session. When this maximum is reached, the user is disconnected from all active Horizon Client desktop sessions. The user must reauthenticate to reaccess the Horizon Client.


Set the Client Idle User timeout to be at least double the Client Heartbeat Interval setting to avoid unexpected disconnects from desktops.

Client Broker Session

Maximum time that a Horizon Client instance can be connected to the system environment before the session's authentication expires. The timeout count starts each time you authenticate. When this timeout occurs, you can continue to work. If you perform an action that causes communication to the broker, such as changing settings, the system requires you to reauthenticate and log back in to the desktop.


The Client Broker Session timeout must be at least equal to the sum of the Client Heartbeat Interval setting and the Client Idle User timeout.

User Portal Timeout

For a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, this setting is deprecated and has no effect.