In the Administration Console, use the Dashboard page to check the health of your Horizon Cloud Node. You navigate to the Dashboard page using the Monitor icon.

A Horizon Cloud Node primarily consists of a single virtual appliance deployed into a virtual infrastructure, such as a vSAN Ready Node. On the Dashboard page, the environment is labeled Horizon Cloud Node and an icon next to the label indicates its health:

Healthy (check mark)

Warning (exclamation point)

Faulty (red cross)

The indicated health reflects the status of the environment's underlying software components that provide the services to make the desktops work, such as:

The component that manages the entire installed environment, providing common services that allow communication between components.

The component that communicates to the underlying cluster infrastructure such as the vCenter Server and vSphere software, providing the separation from desktop management and infrastructure management.

The component that provides desktop manager services, manages the instant clone provisioning engine and the desktop broker, and talks to the agents in the virtual desktops.

The App Volumes Manager component that manages the AppStacks.

If an issue is reported with either the warning or faulty icon, you can click the displayed name to examine the reported details. Certain issues can often be remedied on premise.

For NTP issues, confirm that the NTP servers listed are functional and accessible from the Horizon Cloud Node appliances deployed in the virtual infrastructure.

For Active Directory issues, confirm that the Active Directory server is functional, the service account used by the Horizon Cloud Node to query the Active Directory server is enabled, not locked, and the password has not changed

Certain issues might require additional help from VMware Support. For database replication issues, contact VMware Support for assistance. Such database issues might indicate that the system has failed to backup which can result in restricted functionality.


In the Administration Console, select Monitor > Dashboard.


If the Horizon Cloud Node status indicates warning or faulty, click its name for details.

A dialog box appears. The dialog box includes a more link. Depending on the health status, the dialog box might list health issues specific to the environment.


Click more.


The page displays more information and guidance. If you want to create a list of the issues, click Download to download a spreadsheet that lists the issues for that Horizon Cloud Node.