You can use Python scripts to troubleshoot App Volumes functionality.

The scripts described below require Python 2.7.9 or higher.

Retrieve Mapping Details for Applications Assignments

The script below retrieves details for assignments in your environment.


usage: [-h] [-t TYPE] [-p XMP_PORT] [-o CSV_PATH]
                          [-u SEARCH_USER] [-g SEARCH_GROUP]
                          [-d SEARCH_DOMAIN]
                          xmp_host xmp_domain xmp_user xmp_password
positional arguments:
  xmp_host              XMP host url
  xmp_domain            XMP user domain
  xmp_user              XMP user name
  xmp_password          XMP user password
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE  All, AppVolumes, DaaS
  -p XMP_PORT, --port XMP_PORT
                        XMP host port
  -o CSV_PATH, --output CSV_PATH
                        Output csv file path
                        Search user name
                        Search group name
                        Search domain name

Script format: <IP/FQDN> <domain> <username> '<password>' -p 8443

Code Example (retrieves all assignments):

qbi@qbi-vm ~ # falcon administrator '<password>' -p 8443
Get assignments successfully.
qbi@qbi-vm ~ # cat assignments.csv
key,user name,assignment,application name,bundle name,package name,assignment type,Os type
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only||Mozilla Firefox (3.0.3),MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only,qbi-only-win10-x64,Mozilla Firefox (3.0.3),,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only||Adobe Flash Player 21 NPAPI,MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only,qbi-only-win10-x64,Adobe Flash Player 21 NPAPI,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only||Mozilla Maintenance Service,MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only,qbi-only-win10-x64,Mozilla Maintenance Service,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only||Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 (x86 en-US),MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only,qbi-only-win10-x64,Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 (x86 en-US),,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only||Python 2.6.6,MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi only,qbi-only-win10-x64,Python 2.6.6,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
FALCON\qbi||Adobe Flash Player 21 NPAPI,FALCON\qbi,qbi-win10-x64,Adobe Flash Player 21 NPAPI,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
FALCON\qbi||Mozilla Maintenance Service,FALCON\qbi,qbi-win10-x64,Mozilla Maintenance Service,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
FALCON\qbi||Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 (x86 en-US),FALCON\qbi,qbi-win10-x64,Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 (x86 en-US),,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi||Adobe Flash Player 21 NPAPI,MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi,qbi-win10-x64,Adobe Flash Player 21 NPAPI,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi||Mozilla Maintenance Service,MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi,qbi-win10-x64,Mozilla Maintenance Service,,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi||Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 (x86 en-US),MIRAGEDOMAIN\qbi,qbi-win10-x64,Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 (x86 en-US),,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
FALCON\Users||FirefoxWin10x64,FALCON\Users,app-bundle-assignment,Mozilla Firefox (3.0.3),FirefoxWin10x64,,Native,Windows 10 (x64)
FALCON\Users||CutePDF Professional 3.7 (Evaluation),FALCON\Users,users-win7,CutePDF Professional 3.7 (Evaluation),,,Native,Windows 7 (x64)
FALCON\Users||FileZilla Client,FALCON\Users,users-win7,FileZilla Client,,,Native,Windows 7 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\Users||CutePDF Professional 3.7 (Evaluation),MIRAGEDOMAIN\Users,users-win7,CutePDF Professional 3.7 (Evaluation),,,Native,Windows 7 (x64)
MIRAGEDOMAIN\Users||FileZilla Client,MIRAGEDOMAIN\Users,users-win7,FileZilla Client,,,Native,Windows 7 (x64)

Retrieve Details for Attach and Detach Failures

The script below retrieves details for attach and detatch failures, including those involving AppStacks.


usage: [-h] [-t SEARCH_DURATION] [-u SEARCH_USER]
                                [-d SEARCH_DOMAIN] [-s PAGE_SIZE]
                                [-c | -v | -o CSV_PATH]
                                login_host login_domain login_user
positional arguments:
  login_host            Login host url in format hostname<:port>
  login_domain          Login user domain
  login_user            Login user name
  login_password        Login user password
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Last1Hour, Last12Hour, Last24Hour, Last72Hour, All
                        Search user name
                        Search domain name
  -s PAGE_SIZE, --size PAGE_SIZE
                        Size of each page of the results
  -c, --concise         Print results in concise view
  -v, --verbose         Print results in itemed view
  -o CSV_PATH, --output CSV_PATH
                        Output to csv file in given path (default)

Script format:

python <IP/FQDN> <domain> <username> '<password>'

Code Examples:

python falcon administrator '<password>' # output as volume_failures.csv for last 1 hour
python falcon administrator '<password>' -v # show results of last 1 hour in screen
python falcon administrator '<password>' -t Last24Hour # show last 24 hour result
python falcon administrator '<password>' -t All -u hez -d vmwarem # show all results of hez@vmwarem for last 1 hour

Each failure record includes the following information:


Writable? - Indicates whether this is a writable volume (Y) or AppStack (N).


Writable Volumes is a Beta feature. Please contact your VMware representative for more information.

Attach/Detach - Indicates whether this is an attach failure or a detach failure.

User/domain - Username and domain for which the failure occurred.

File location - File location. Format is <datacenter>/<node>/<vcenter>/<datastore>/<vmdk path>

VM Location - File location. Format is <datacenter>/<node>/<vcenter>/<vm name>

When you see attach/detach failures, it is recommended that you check on the following:

Is the user a member of the appropriate group?

Is the agent on the desktop installed and up-to-date?

You can also record the failure information for inclusion with a support request.


You will also see notifications in the user interface that include basic information for these failures (i.e. number of failures and number of users affected). For more information on notifications, see Notifications Page.