The second step in automating SSL certificate install is creating the post sysprep script/batch file and copying the certificate.

Use post build configuration script "SetupComplete.cmd "to import the SSL certificate and configure the VMware HTML Access registry (applies to Windows 7 and later).

For example:

Copy the SSL certificate file under C: drive. For this example, the "C:\desktone_ca_cert" file.

Create a file SetupComplete.cmd under "%WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\" folder. Create "Scripts" folder if it does not exist.

Add following commands in SetupComplete.cmd file. The thumbprint value is what you copied above.

Note that if you have root certificate and intermediate certificates in the certificate chain, then you need to add appropriate CertUtil commands in batch file.

CertUtil  -importPFX -f  -p "<password>" "C:\desktone_ca_cert.pfx"
        reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware Blast\Config" /f /v "SslHash" /t REG_SZ /d "31 2a 32 50 1a 0b 34 b1 65 46 13 a8 0a 5e f7 43 6e a9 2c 3e"
del /F /Q "C:\desktone_ca_cert.pfx"
del /F /Q "%systemroot%\setup\scripts\SetupComplete.cmd"

Save the SetupComplete.cmd file. You can test the SetupComplete.cmd file on test machine.