On the Assignments page, you can create, edit, and delete assignments, and also update agent software for dedicated desktops assignments.

Click the Assign icon to access the Assignments page, where you can take these actions.




Create a new Applications or Desktops assignment.


Select an assignment to make changes, or drill down to view summary and sessions information.

Update Agent Software

Update agent(s) for dedicated desktops assignments.

Edit Assignment Mode

Allows you to take assignments off line for maintenance and bring them back online.


Delete an assignment.


Recover desktops that encountered an error during a previous image update.

Clicking on an assignment in the list opens a detail page showing summary information for the assignment. For some types of assignments, there are other tabs in addition to the Summary tab:

Desktops - displays for dedicated and floating desktops assignments. See Manage Desktops in an Assignment.

Servers - displays for Application assignments and session desktops assignments. See Manage Servers in an Assignment.

System Activity and User Activity - display for all applications and desktops assignments. See View System or User Activity for an Assignment.

The following topics provide additional information about data shown on the Assignments page:

Types of Assignments - Describes values that display in the Type column.

Capacity and Users Values for Session Desktops Assignments - Describes values that display in the Capacity and Users columns.