Guest Operating System Installation Guide : Installing Guest Operating Systems : Windows Vista

Windows Vista
You can install Windows Vista in a virtual machine using the corresponding Windows Vista distribution CD.
Before you begin, verify that the following tasks are complete:
Virtual machine. 512MB or more of RAM.
Host computer. 512MB or more of RAM.
Installation Steps
Refer to knowledge base article 1012885 at for more information.
After installation, consider the following support and configuration issues for a Windows Vista guest.
Missing Multimedia Audio Controller in a Windows Vista Guest
If an Internet connection is not available while installing a 32-bit Windows Vista guest, the driver for the multimedia audio controller is not installed. The Windows Device Manager indicates that the driver for the multimedia audio controller is missing. To install the required driver, configure an Internet connection, and run Windows Update on the Windows Vista virtual machine.
Screen Resolution in a Windows Vista Guest
After installing VMware Tools on a Windows Vista Service Pack (SP1) virtual machine, the screen resolution does not change to 1024 by 768 pixels automatically. See VMware Knowledge Base article 1004780 at for information on modifying the screen resolution manually.