In Full Screen view, VMware Fusion fills your entire display or set of displays with the desktop of your virtual machine.

In this view you do not see the Mac dock. You can show or hide the VMware Fusion menu bar. This view looks as if you are using a machine dedicated to running your guest operating system. You have access to the toolbar by moving the cursor to the top of the display to reveal the toolbar. Optionally, a subset of VMware Fusion functions are available via the compact Full Screen Minibar.

You can switch to Full Screen view from another view.

When you are in Full Screen view, the VMware Fusion menu bar hides until you hover the cursor at the top of the Full Screen display. You can set the VMware Fusion menu bar to hide all the time.

When you are in Full Screen view, you can use the Full Screen Minibar to access some virtual machine controls such as state change and some Virtual Machine menu options.

To see the Mac desktop and the virtual machine desktop at the same time, or to see a guest application in a window on the Mac desktop, switch to Unity view or Single Window view.