Encrypt your virtual machine with a password to control access to the virtual machine and its contents. If you have VMware Fusion Professional, you can also turn on restrictions to prevent users from changing virtual machine settings.

Use these guidelines when configuring encryption and restrictions:

If you have a VMware Fusion license, rather than a VMware Fusion Professional license, you can turn encryption on or off only if the virtual machine does not already have restrictions turned on.

If restrictions are already turned on, you can change Encryption & Restrictions settings only if you have a VMware Professional license. If you have a VMware Fusion license, the Encryption & Restrictions settings are read-only. You can change only the encryption password.

Restrictions policies are enforced only on virtual machines that are compatible with Fusion 5 and later virtual machines.

Suspend or shut down the virtual machine.

If you plan to turn on restrictions, verify that you have the VMware Fusion Professional license.

Familiarize yourself with restricted virtual machine expirations. See Restricted Virtual Machine Expiration.


Select the virtual machine and select Virtual Machine > Settings from the VMware Fusion menu bar.


Click Encryption & Restrictions.


Drag the Encryption slider to ON.


Enter the password to use to encrypt the virtual machine.


Record the encryption password you use. If you forget the password, Fusion does not provide a way to retrieve it. You cannot access the virtual machine without the encryption password.


Enter the password again.


(Optional) Select the Remember Password check box to store the password in your Mac's Keychain password management system.


Click OK.


(Optional) (VMware Fusion Professional only) Select the appropriate check boxes to configure restriction policies.



Require the user to change the encryption password.

Requires the user to change the encrypted password for the virtual machine if the virtual machine is moved or copied.

Allow USB devices to be connected to this virtual machine

USB device connections are allowed.

Expire the virtual machine

Set a date and time for the virtual machine to expire by clicking into the date and time field and entering the expiration date and time.

To enter and alert message:


Click Advanced.


Enter text to be displayed when the virtual machine expires.


(Optional) Select the check box to show a message when the virtual machine is about to expire.


(Optional) Set the number of days before expiration that the message is displayed and enter the message text.


Click Save.


After you select a check box, the policy does not take effect until you turn on restrictions and set a restrictions password.


(Optional) (VMware Fusion Professional only) To turn on restrictions, drag the Restrictions slider to ON, set the password, and click OK.


Record the restrictions password you use. If you forget the password, Fusion does not provide a way to retrieve it.

The virtual machine is encrypted and requires the password to be started or resumed.

If you also turned on restrictions, many virtual machine configuration settings are hidden and cannot be changed. To turn off restrictions in order to change configuration settings, you must have VMware Fusion Professional and supply the restrictions password.