You can add an existing virtual hard disk to a virtual machine. You can copy or move the disk to your virtual machine, or share it between virtual machines.


Moving the virtual hard disk can break other virtual machines that are using the virtual hard disk, because this is the equivalent of removing the hard disk from one physical computer and installing it in another.


From the VMware Fusion menu bar, select Window > Virtual Machine Library.


Select a virtual machine and click Settings.


Click Add Device.


Click Existing Hard Disk.


Click Add Device.


In the Open dialog, navigate to the location of the existing .vmdk hard disk file.


Select the method for adding the virtual hard disk file.



Make a separate copy of the virtual disk

Default. Copies the virtual hard disk file to this virtual machine’s package. Copying the virtual hard disk ensures that no conflicts exist between this virtual machine and any other virtual machine that might be using the virtual hard disk.

Share this virtual disk with the virtual machine that created it

Virtual hard disk file remains in its original location. This might cause a conflict if it is also being used by that original virtual machine.

Take this disk away from the virtual machine currently using it

Moves the virtual hard disk file to this virtual machine’s package.


Click Open.


Click Apply.

VMware Fusion displays a progress dialog if you select to copy the virtual disk.