You can create a keyboard shortcut to define a hot-key combination to launch a virtual machine. You can create hot-keys for virtual machines only if you have VMware Fusion Professional.

The key combination must contain at least one key modifier such as Control or Command plus another modifier.

A hot-key combination must be unique to one virtual machine.

The hot-key cannot be a function or a specially defined key such as Return, Escape, Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, F key, Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause, or the arrow keys,.

Hot-key combinations assigned to an application are not allowed.

The Tab key is not allowed for use as a hot-key.


From the VMware Fusion menu select Preferences.


Select the Enable per-virtual machine keyboard shortcuts check box.


Select Window > Virtual Machine Library menu and choose a virtual machine.


Select Settings > Keyboard & Mouse.


Enter the keyboard shortcut to use to trigger the virtual machine.