You can find basic information about your virtual machine in the General system settings.

The General system settings of the virtual machine include the virtual machine name, the guest operating system, and notes. You can change some of the settings directly in this panel.

General System Settings




Name of the virtual machine that you specified when you created it. This name appears in the Virtual Machine Library. You can change the name of the virtual machine at any time.


Guest operating system installed in the virtual machine. This name is typically provided as the guest operating system you selected when you created the virtual machine. You can change the guest operating system listed here if you uninstall the guest operating system and install a different one.


You can add notes about this virtual machine, its use, or other information at any time.

Start automatically when VMware Fusion launches

Starts the virtual machine when you start VMware Fusion.


Restricted virtual machines only show a subset of the full settings.

The General system settings also include information about the virtual machine's hard disk. See the General system settings for recommendations about disk clean up.