With VMware Fusion, you can create, open, and run VMware virtual machines, and use PC-specific hardware with a Mac.

With VMware Fusion, you can perform the following tasks:

Run x86 operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Server, Solaris and others, on Mac OS X without rebooting.

Run Windows and Linux applications on your Intel-based Mac.

Run most Windows 3D applications that require DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3, or OpenGL 2.1, on your Mac.

Import virtual machines created with Parallels Desktop, Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac, or virtual machines that use the OVF (Open Virtualization Format) standard.

Migrate your physical Windows PC to a VMware Fusion virtual machine with the integrated Migration Assistant.

Access USB devices, such as video cameras and high-speed disks, from a virtual machine.

Drag files between your Intel-based Mac OS X host machine and virtual machines running other x86 operating systems.

VMware Fusion works with VMware virtual machines created with VMware Workstation 4.x and later, VMware Server 1.0.x and later, VMware ESX Server 2.x and later, and VMware GSX Server 3.2.