When you create a virtual machine, VMware Fusion stores the virtual machine files as a single package. This feature lets you move an entire virtual machine as a single entity.

A package (sometimes called a bundle) has the extension .vmwarevm. When you move the package, all virtual machine files are included.

You might need to access the virtual machine package files during troubleshooting.


Editing the configuration file can cause problems. Make a backup copy of the file before you make any changes.

VMware Fusion must not be running during virtual machine file editing.


In the Finder, select the virtual machine package.

By default, virtual machine packages are located in your home folder/Documents/Virtual Machines.


Control-click or right-click the package and select Show Package Contents.


Perform one of the following tasks.

Copy the log file (vmware.log) to provide for troubleshooting analysis.

Open the configuration file (*.vmx) in a text editor to modify it. You can find instructions for how to modify the file in the VMware Fusion release notes or from appropriate support personnel.