You can set how your mouse works, how your virtual machines behave when you quit VMware Fusion, and other general operations.


From the VMware Fusion menu, select Preferences to display the VMware Preferences window, which defaults to the General panel.


In the When closing a virtual machine section, select how VMware Fusion acts when you close a virtual machine.



Suspend the virtual machine

The virtual machine is suspended when you close the virtual machine window.

If you close a virtual machine window with this preference selected, when you next open the virtual machine, it restarts with applications running and files open much as they would be after you suspended and resumed a laptop computer.

Power off the virtual machine

The virtual machine is powered off when you close the virtual machine window.

Confirm before closing

VMware Fusion opens a dialog box that asks for confirmation before closing the virtual machine window.


In the Diagnostics section, select Enable debugging checks to turn on VMware Fusion diagnostic and debugging features.

This option enables logging and other diagnostic tools that aid VMware in debugging VMware Fusion. For best performance, leave this option unselected.


(Optional) If you are encountering a problem that you want to report to VMware, select Enable debugging checks to enable VMware Fusion to collect debugging data when the problem occurs.


In the Gaming section, select a setting that fits how you expect to use your mouse.



Auto-detect Mouse for Games

VMware Fusion detects when it needs to lock a mouse to a virtual machine window for correct operation during gaming. If no game is detected, the mouse works in the normal fashion. This is the default setting.

Never Optimize Mouse for Games

In some cases, the autodetect function can detect nongame applications as games. Use this option to turn autodetect off so that the mouse can work in the normal fashion for these applications.

Always Optimize Mouse for Games

In some cases, the autodetect function fails to recognize a game. Use this option to have correct mouse operation for gaming in this instance.


In the Updates section, select Automatically check for updates to have VMware Fusion check for software updates when you start VMware Fusion.

A message alerts you when a new version of VMware Fusion is available to download and install.


(Optional) If you do not select Automatically check for updates, you can check for updates manually at any time by selecting VMware Fusion > Check for Updates.


In the Feedback section, set how to handle data collection by VMware.

Knowing how VMware Fusion customers use the current version can help VMware make decisions about future versions of the product. If you select this option, certain anonymous data is sent to VMware when you update the software.


Click Learn More to see the privacy policy and the kind of data to be collected.


(Optional) Deselect Help make VMware Fusion better . . . if you do not want to participate.