By default in VMware Fusion, global keyboard shortcuts that the Mac operating system or third-party applications have registered are sent to the Mac operating system instead of your virtual machine.

Examples of global Mac keyboard shortcuts include Command-Tab (switch applications) and F9, F10, and F11 (Exposé commands). You set these shortcuts and commands in the Mac OS X System Preferences.

You can use the Mac OS Shortcuts pane to disable all these shortcuts while you use VMware Fusion. This action applies only to Single Window view and Full Screen view. In Unity view, all Mac OS shortcuts are always enabled.


From the VMware Fusion menu, select Preferences to display the VMware Preferences window and click Keyboard & Mouse.


Click Mac OS Shortcuts to go to the Mac OS shortcuts pane.


To enable or disable all shortcuts, select or deselect Enable Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts.

The Mac OS commands are not editable here. You must make any changes to them in the Mac OS System Preferences.