For your Mac to be able to connect to your physical PC and start the migration, you must install the VMware Fusion PC Migration Agent on your PC.

You need the VMware Fusion CD-ROM to install from, or if you have downloaded VMware Fusion, the downloaded VMware Fusion installation file.

Before migrating, you must set a password on your Windows physical PC if it doesn't already have one. If your physical PC does not have a password set, go to User Accounts in the Control Panel and create one.

You must perform the migration on an Administrator account.


Set the power options on your Windows physical PC so that your monitor and hard disks do not turn off automatically and that your system does not go to standby.


In the Control Panel, click Power Options.


On the Power Schemes panel, set Turn off monitor, Turn off hard drives, and System standby to Never.


(Optional) If you migrate over a wireless connection, set your physical PC's screensaver to wait longer than the migration will take.


Right-click on the PC desktop and select Properties.


Select the Screen Saver tab, set Wait to 9999, and click OK.


Run the installation from the CD-ROM or from the downloaded installation file.

Insert the VMware Fusion CD-ROM into your PC's optical drive.

The VMware Fusion CD-ROM is Autorun-enabled, so Windows starts the PC Migration Agent installation wizard.

Click PC Migration Agent under Drivers and Tools on the VMware Fusion download page, and click Run.


Click Next on the installation wizard's welcome page, click I accept the terms of the License Agreement on the license agreement page, and click Next.


Select the folder in which you want to save the PC Migration Agent, and click Next.


Click Install.


Click Finish.


Restart your PC.

The VMware Fusion PC Migration Agent window appears on your PC, displaying the four-digit passcode needed for opening communications between your Mac and this PC.

The passcode is good only when the window is open. If you close the window and restart the Agent, or if you restart the PC, a new passcode replaces the old one.

Leave the PC Migration Agent running so that the Migration Assistant on your Mac can communicate with it. See Run the Migration Assistant on Your Mac.