You can migrate your existing PC onto your Mac. VMware Fusion recreates your PC as a virtual machine, and you can continue to use your PC applications and files.

Migrate Your PC is supported for Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 SP4 (with all critical patches) up to and including Windows 8.

Your Mac must be running Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later.


You must set sharing and firewall system preferences on your Mac to allow the transfer of files needed to create the virtual machine from the physical PC.


You can choose what kind of connection with which to migrate your PC.


To successfully migrate your PC to VMware Fusion, you must disable User Account Control (UAC) before using the Migrate Your PC feature.


For your Mac to be able to connect to your physical PC and start the migration, you must install the VMware Fusion PC Migration Agent on your PC.


The Migration Assistant connects to your physical PC and performs the conversions and transfers of files necessary to create the virtual machine on your Mac.


Install VMware Tools to enhance the performance of the guest operating system.