VMware Fusion has a built-in software updater that checks for updates to VMware Fusion and VMware Tools and downloads and installs them for you.

When Automatically check for updates is enabled in Preferences, VMware Fusion checks for updates each time you start it. If VMware Fusion detects a new version, it displays the Software Update window, which has three options.

Skip This Version. Select this if you do not want to upgrade to the version described. VMware Fusion ignores this version in any later Autoupdate checks. However, if you change your mind you can select VMware Fusion > Check for Updates to have VMware Fusion display the Software Update window again.

Remind Me Later. If you select this, VMware Fusion closes the window. The next time you start up VMware Fusion the Software Update window appears.

Download and Install. See the procedure.

In the General pane of VMware Fusion Preferences, Automatically check for updates must be selected.

VMware Fusion can shut down your running virtual machines as part of this procedure. However, it is a good idea for you to shut down or suspend them manually before you start.


Click Download and Install.

VMware Fusion downloads the update files to your Mac.


At the Ready to install update prompt, shut down all your running virtual machines if you have not done so already and click Install and Restart.

VMware Fusion displays a progress bar during the installation, and restarts when the installation is complete.