You can set applications from the Mac or the virtual machines to be used to open different categories of URLs.

You can open the following categories of URLs:

Remote sessions (Telnet, SSH)

Mail (mailto)

Newsgroups (news)

File transfers (FTP, SFTP)

Web pages (HTTP, HTTPS)

RSS feeds (feed)

If you make a Web browser the default from within a virtual machine, the default setting for how VMware Fusion handles URLs does not change. The next time you start or resume the virtual machine, or change the URL preferences, the VMware Fusion settings overwrite the changes that you make in the guest machine.


Click Virtual Machine > Settings.


Click Default Applications.


Click Configure.


Set or change the preference.



Add a category of URL to the Default Applications pane

Click the add (+) button and select a URL category from the pop-up menu.

Set or change an application to use to open a category of URL

Select an application from the pop-up menu to the right of the appropriate Open [category] with checkbox. You can select from all available applications on your Mac and in your virtual machines.

Remove a URL category

Click the remove (-) button to the right of the pop-up menu for the category.