Create a Virtual Machine from the Boot Camp Partition
Boot Camp is Apple software that enables a Mac to run Windows operating systems. Boot Camp requires that you choose between Mac or Windows at boot time. Boot Camp creates separate Mac and Windows partitions on your hard disk to create a dual-boot environment. You can use your Windows Boot Camp partition as a VMware Fusion virtual machine. This feature gives you the following abilities:
To create a virtual machine from the Boot Camp partition
You are running VMware Fusion on a Mac with Boot Camp and you have no virtual machines on your Mac.
From the VMware Fusion Home pane, click Boot Camp. This process creates a Boot Camp virtual machine in the Virtual Machine Library and starts it.
You are running VMware Fusion on a Mac with Boot Camp and you have virtual machines on your Mac, for example, virtual machines created with Parallels Desktop.
VMware Fusion displays the Virtual Machine Library with a Boot Camp virtual machine. From the Virtual Machine Library, select the Boot Camp virtual machine and click Start Up.
VMware Fusion creates a virtual machine from your Boot Camp partition and starts Windows. After Windows boots from your Boot Camp virtual machine, VMware Fusion starts the installation of VMware Tools to enable full virtual machine functionality and optimize performance for your Boot Camp partition when used as a virtual machine.
The first time you power on your Boot Camp virtual machine after installing VMware Tools, you must reactivate Windows.