Create a Windows Virtual Machine with Windows Easy Install
When you create a Windows virtual machine, you can use the VMware Fusion Windows Easy Install feature to install Windows and VMware Tools in your virtual machine. VMware Fusion creates your virtual machine, selects the default Windows installation options, and installs VMware Tools, which loads the drivers required to optimize your virtual machine’s performance. You can also have Windows Easy Install make your Mac home folder and other folders available to this virtual machine, so that you can share files between the virtual machine and your Mac. Alternatively, you can isolate your virtual machine from your Mac and other virtual machines.
Windows Easy Install is available for the following Windows operating systems:
If you are not using one of these Windows operating systems in your virtual machine, or if you want to install the operating system manually, see the VMware Fusion Help for details about creating virtual machines.
Note You must have a valid Windows product key. It is on the sticker attached to the packaging for the Windows operating system CD-ROM. The product key is not provided by VMware. Windows CDs included with a previous physical computer might be locked to that machine and might not work.
To create a Windows virtual machine using Windows Easy Install
Select File > New.
The New Virtual Machine Assistant starts.
In the Introduction panel, make sure that Install this operating system is selected, and click Continue.
In the Windows Easy Install panel, type your Display Name or Account Name, Password (optional), and Windows Product Key.
The entry in the Display Name field (Windows XP and earlier) appears in information boxes as the name that your Windows software is registered to. It is not the Windows user name. The entry in the Password field is the password for the Windows administrator account only.
VMware Fusion installs Windows. This process can take up to 45 minutes. After installing Windows, VMware Fusion installs VMware Tools, and restarts the virtual machine.