What You Can Do with VMware Fusion
With VMware Fusion, Mac users can:
Run Windows and Linux applications on a Mac. You can run your favorite applications at the same time as Mac applications using virtual machines running Windows and Linux operating systems, without rebooting your Mac.
Create virtual machines. The New Virtual Machine Assistant guides you through the process of creating a virtual machine, including Windows Easy Install and Linux Easy Install.
Migrate your Windows PC to a virtual machine easily. The integrated Migration Assistant helps you convert your physical PC to a virtual machine to run on your Mac.
Import virtual machines. You can import virtual machines created with Parallels Desktop or Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac directly to VMware Fusion.
Graduate from Boot Camp. VMware Fusion can use an existing Boot Camp partition, or, you can import your Boot Camp partition into a virtual disk, letting you reclaim your Boot Camp space. VMware Fusion eliminates the need to reboot to access your Windows applications and files.
Keep your Windows safe. You can take multiple snapshots—pictures in time—of your virtual machines, keeping them safe in case of any problem. VMware Fusion AutoProtect takes automatic, periodic snapshots to keep your virtual machines safe from unexpected harm. VMware Fusion includes a 12-month complimentary subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus.
Get the most out of your Mac. Run 64-bit virtual machines, including server operating systems like Windows Server, Linux Server, Mac OS X Server, and Mac OS X Lion in virtual machines. Many modern Mac systems are powerful enough to provide great performance and productivity, even when running multiple virtual machines.
Run multiple operating systems while protecting the integrity of your Mac. You can safely run virtual machines isolated from the Mac by using the hardware-level security and fault isolation of virtualization solutions.