Horizon FLEX is a combination of VMware components, including Mirage, Fusion Pro, and Workstation Player.

VMware Mirage® for Horizon FLEX

The Mirage Server that is used by Horizon FLEX. The server provides Horizon FLEX virtual machine management. You can manage, back up, and patch virtual machines by using the Mirage for Horizon FLEX layering technology. Use of Mirage for Horizon FLEX is optional. You can also use other image management tools to manage Horizon FLEX virtual machines.

Horizon FLEX Policy Server

The standard Mirage server with an extension that includes Horizon FLEX-specific functionality. The Horizon FLEX Policy Server is activated after you apply the Horizon FLEX license to Mirage for Horizon FLEX.

Horizon FLEX Admin Console

The Web management user interface for the Horizon FLEX Policy Server. The Horizon FLEX Admin Console is located in the Mirage Web Manager component. You use the Horizon FLEX Admin Console to perform virtual machine management tasks, including the following:

Manage an inventory of virtual machines

Browse a list of users and groups in the Active Directory service

Entitle users and groups to one or more virtual machines

Specify virtual machine policies for a given entitlement

Prevent users from accessing virtual machines by using remote lock

Examine virtual machine details and status at any time

Horizon FLEX Client

The client software that end users use to download the Horizon FLEX virtual machines to their local computers. The clients include VMware Fusion Pro® Pro for Mac computers and VMware Workstation Player™ for Windows computers. Fusion Pro and Workstation Player are included in the Horizon FLEX package. One license key is provided for both Fusion Pro and Workstation Player.

Horizon FLEX Virtual Machine

The virtual machine that end users run on their own computers. You use Fusion Pro to create source virtual machines for Horizon FLEX virtual machines. Fusion Pro is included in the Horizon FLEX package. A Horizon FLEX server can support up to 10,000 users.


You can also use VMware Workstation Pro™ to create source virtual machines. Workstation Pro is not included in the Horizon FLEX package.