You configure policies to control whether USB devices can be used on virtual machines created from a Horizon FLEX image.


If the USB device controller is present in the source virtual machine, you can configure a policy to enable or disable this feature when users download an instance of the virtual machine. If this feature is disabled in the source virtual machine, you cannot override the virtual machine settings by enabling this feature in a policy.


Start the Horizon FLEX Admin Console.


In a Web browser, enter https://WebManagerServer:7443/rvm, where WebManagerServer is the DNS name or IP address of the host where the Mirage Web Manager is installed.


Enter the user name and password of a domain account that has access to Mirage.


Click Login.


Click Policies in the left navigation pane.


Click the New (+) button to create a policy, or select an existing policy and click Change Policy to modify it.


Click the Device Control tab to add a new device policy.


Select the Global Use of USB devices drop-down menu to set whether the policy will allow all USB devices or block all USB devices on the virtual machine.

All the USB device classes are dimmed and cannot be changed. See Configure a Custom USB Device Policy for a Horizon FLEX Image to create a custom policy where specific USB device classes are allowed.


Click OK to save the policy.

The new or updated policy appears in the policy list.

Entitle the Horizon FLEX virtual machine. See Entitle a Horizon FLEX Image.