During the Horizon FLEX virtual machine deployment process, you compress your source virtual machine packages into TAR (.tar) format so that end users can easily download their Horizon FLEX virtual machines. You must create a download folder for storing these TAR files.


Create the download folder on the Horizon FLEX server or on another server.

The download folder does not need to be on the Horizon FLEX server, but the files it contains must be downloadable without any authentication challenge. If you create the download folder on the same IIS server as the Horizon FLEX server, you can create the folder under the default IIS document root folder of the Default Web site. Do not create the download folder under the VMware Mirage Management Web site.


Assign permissions to the download folder so that users can download the files that it contains.


(Optional) Share the download folder with an administrative group, such as Horizon FLEX Admins. This can be an administrative group for users to manage Horizon FLEX deployments.

This step can make it easier to register your source virtual machines with the Horizon FLEX Policy Server.