You can create a Fusion Pro mass deployment package to install Fusion Pro on any number of end-user Macs. You can use standard package deployment tools, including Apple Remote Desktop Admin, to deploy the mass deployment package.

When you configure the mass deployment package, specify your Horizon FLEX license key in the [Volume License] section of the Deploy.ini file and place a copy of the Fusion Pro application in the 00Fusion_Deployment_Items folder.

You can use the optional connectAtStartupURL parameter in the [Locations] section of the Deploy.ini file to specify a user name and the host name of your Horizon FLEX server, for example:

connectAtStartupURL = vmware-rvm://

If no virtual machines are installed on the user's Mac when the user launches Fusion Pro, the Connect dialog box opens and the Server and Username text boxes are prepopulated with the host name and user name that you specified in the connectAtStartupURL parameter.

For step-by-step information about creating a mass deployment package, see the VMware knowledge base article at