After you export your PEM-format certificates, you must construct the trusted certificate list and import the certificates list file to the Horizon FLEX Policy Server.

Export each certificate in PEM format. See Creating PEM-Format Certificates.


To create the trusted certificates list file, concatenate each PEM-format certificate file into a single file.

You can use the cat command, or you can copy and paste the contents of the certificate files into a text file. You can safely edit Base64 content in a text editor.

For example: $ cat mycert1.pem mycert2.pem mycert3.pem > list.pem


Start the Horizon FLEX Admin Console.


In a Web browser, enter https://WebManagerServer:7443/rvm, where WebManagerServer is the DNS name or IP address of the host where the Mirage Web Manager is installed.


Enter the user name and password of a domain account that has access to Mirage.


Click Login.


In the Horizon FLEX Admin Console, click the General System Settings icon and select Certificates.


Click Import, browse to the trusted certificates list file, and click Open to import the file.