After a Horizon FLEX image has been deployed to users, you can update policies that apply to existing virtual machine instances.


If you edit an existing policy by using the Policies button in the left navigation pane, the edit applies only to new users. The edited policy does not apply to existing users with deployed virtual machine instances. For example, in a scenario where the original policy does not restrict the user from creating multiple copies of the virtual machine, if you edit the policy to add this restriction, it would not apply to existing virtual machines. If a user has a virtual machine covered by the original policy, that user could still make copies of that virtual machine. If that user downloads a second virtual machine covered by the edited policy, the user would be restricted from copying that second virtual machine.


Start the Horizon FLEX Admin Console.


In a Web browser, enter https://WebManagerServer:7443/rvm, where WebManagerServer is the DNS name or IP address of the host where the Mirage Web Manager is installed.


Enter the user name and password of a domain account that has access to Mirage.


Click Login.


Click Virtual Machines in the left navigation pane.


Select the virtual machine.


Click Change Policy.


Update the policy for the Horizon FLEX image and click OK when complete.