You must configure the IIS SSL server certificate for the Horizon FLEX server to ensure secure communication between the Horizon FLEX client and the Horizon FLEX server.

The IIS SSL server certificate ensures that certificate authentication can proceed in the Horizon FLEX virtual machine.

VMware recommends that you use a certificate issued by a certificate authority (CA), such as Entrust or Go Daddy, or a trusted third-party certificate, on your Horizon FLEX server. If you are using a self-signed certificate or a certificate from an internal CA instead of a generally trusted certificate, you should take steps to ensure that the certificate is trusted on all end-user computers that will download and use Horizon FLEX virtual machines.


If setting up certificates for Horizon FLEX virtual machines, make sure the Horizon FLEX server IIS SSL server certificate is included in the certificate list.

Install Mirage for Horizon FLEX. See Installing and Configuring Mirage Components for the Horizon FLEX Server.

Install the Server SSL Certificate on the Mirage server. See the Mirage documentation at


Open IIS Manager.


Navigate to the root node, the connection node defined for the Mirage server.


On the Mirage Home page under IIS, double click Server Certificates.

The IIS SSL server certificates window opens.


Click Import in the right column.

This step imports the created SSL certificate and assigns a key to identify the certificate.


Select VMware Mirage Management Web Site and click Edit Bindings in the right column.


Set the HTTPS port to use your Horizon FLEX server certificate and click OK.