If your Horizon FLEX virtual machine is on a Horizon FLEX server, you must connect to the server and download the virtual machine to your Windows computer before you can open it in Player Pro.

If your Horizon FLEX administrator provided your virtual machine on a USB device or deployed it to your Windows machine, see Open a Horizon FLEX Virtual Machine in Player Pro.

Obtain the following information from your Horizon FLEX administrator:

Instructions about whether to turn on a VPN connection.

Instructions about whether to install certificates on your Windows computer.

Credentials for connecting to the Horizon FLEX server and logging in to your virtual machine.

The encryption password for the virtual machine. You will need this password to unlock the virtual machine.

(Optional) The restrictions password for the virtual machine, if you are allowed to change restricted virtual machine settings.

Install Player Pro on your Windows machine. See Install Player Pro on a Windows Host.

If a VPN connection is required, turn on the VPN.


Connect to the Horizon FLEX server.



Connect to the server in Player Pro


On your Windows machine, double-click the VMware Player icon or select Start > All Programs > VMware Player.


Click the Connect to VMware Horizon FLEX Server icon on the Player Pro tool bar.


In the Connect to Server dialog box, type the credentials that your Horizon FLEX administrator provided.


Click Connect to connect to the server.

Connect to the server from a link

If you received a link in an email from your Horizon FLEX administrator, perform these steps:


Click the link or copy the link into your Web browser.


When the Connect to Server dialog box opens, type the password that your Horizon FLEX administrator provided.


Click Connect to connect to the server.

The virtual machines to which you are entitled appear.


Select a virtual machine to download and click Download.

If your Horizon FLEX server uses a self-signed certificate, you might receive an Invalid Security Certificate warning. If you receive this warning, select the Always trust this host with this certificate check box and click Connect Anyway.


Select a location to save the virtual machine and click Select Folder.

Save the virtual machine in a location that you can readily access.

Before the download begins, a disclaimer message might appear that requires your acceptance. After the download begins, a status bar shows the progress of the download operation.

You can click Pause to suspend the download and click Resume to restart the download at a later time. For example, if you suspend a download and exit Player Pro, you can resume the download the next time you start Player Pro. You can click Cancel to cancel the download.


Type the encryption password that your Horizon FLEX administrator provided and click OK to unlock your virtual machine.


If you are prompted to change the encryption password, retain the new password for future use. You cannot access the virtual machine without this password.


When the disclaimer message appears, click Power On if you agree.

The virtual machine powers on.


Log in to the guest operating system with the login credentials that your Horizon FLEX administrator provided.

If your virtual machine does not start, see Troubleshooting Horizon FLEX Virtual Machines.