You can edit Horizon FLEX virtual machine settings in Player Pro. You must provide the restrictions password to unlock and edit certain settings. For other settings, including Memory, Processors, and Network Adapter, you do not need to enter the restrictions password.

For complete information about virtual machine settings, see the Player Pro documentation at

Obtain the following information from your Horizon FLEX administrator:

The encryption password for the virtual machine. You will need this password to unlock the virtual machine.

(Optional) The restrictions password for the virtual machine, if you are allowed to change restricted virtual machine settings.


Double-click the VMware Player icon or select Start > All Programs > VMware Player to start Player Pro.


In the VMware Player window, click Open a Virtual Machine.


Browse to and select the virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file for the virtual machine and click Open.


Type the encryption password that your Horizon FLEX administrator provided and click OK to unlock the virtual machine.


In the right pane, click Edit virtual machine settings.


Select the virtual machine setting to modify.

You must click Unlock all settings and enter the restrictions password to access and modify certain settings.


Modify the setting and click OK to save your changes.