The vSphere Cluster on which Data Director is installed must meet several configuration requirements. If the requirements are not met, or if a compatible cluster is modified to no longer be compatible, Data Director displays one or more alarms.

When you create a resource bundle, you can use resource pools only if the cluster in which you create the resource pools is compatible with Data Director. See the Data Director Installation documentation for initial cluster setup. After installation, you can customize the cluster. However, only certain customizations are compatible with Data Director. See vFabric Data Director Installation Guide.

Data Director requires the following settings and generates an alarm if you change them.

vSphere DRS and vSphere HA are enabled.


If you disable vSphere DRS, all resource pools in your environment become unusable. You must recreate the resource pools.

Host monitoring is enabled

VM Monitoring is set to Virtual Machine and vApp Monitoring.

Default VM Restart Priority is not disabled.

Data Director also generates an alarm if a vSphere administrator makes the following changes to the cluster.

Admission control for the cluster is disabled.

The cluster's default VM monitoring settings are changed to be too low.

Heartbeat failure time less than 30 seconds.

Minimum uptime less than 120 seconds.

Maximum number of resets less than 3.

Time window for maximum number of resets less than 3600 seconds (1 hour).

If you encounter a cluster-related alarm, contact the vSphere system administrator and show them this information to resolve the problem.