The Data Director system administrator creates organizations to allow organization administrators independent management of their database groups and databases.

Resource bundle(s) must be created and available for allocation.

You are logged in as a Data Director system administrator.


With System selected, click Manage & Monitor.


Click Organizations in the left pane.


Click the plus (+) icon to create an organization and specify the organization information in the wizard.

Wizard screen


Name and Description

Specify a name and optional description and click Next.

Organization Administrator

To create a new organization administrator user, perform the following tasks.


Click Create a new user.


Specify the user name, password, first and last name, and optionally, phone number.


Click Next.

To use an existing user, perform the following tasks.


Click Choose an existing user.


Select the user from the list.


Click Next.

Resource Bundles

You can assign resource bundles at any time after creating the organization. To skip the assign resource bundles step, click Assign resource bundles later. To select a resource bundle now, click Choose an existing resource bundle and select a resource bundle from the list. Click Finish.

The new organization appears in the Organizations list.

Create resource bundles and assign them to the organization. See Create a Resource Bundle.