When you clone a database, you can customize database attributes for the clone as part of clone creation.

Complete the Clone Type panel of the Clone Database wizard described in Configure the Clone Type.


In the Database Settings panel, specify a name for the clone database, or leave the default.


Type a description of the clone database.


If you specified Do not clone schema or data earlier, specify storage allocation or leave the default.


Estimate the storage required for the data you expect to store in the database and enter that value for storage allocation, or leave the default.

Database storage allocation is for the database data and does not include storage for operating system, database software, swap allocation, or snapshots. The default is based on the size of the source database.


Specify the point-in-time-recovery storage allocation, which depends on the volume of transactions that you expect.

The point-in-time-recovery allocation stores the WAL (write-ahead logs).

For other clone types, you cannot change storage allocation.


Select tags for the clone.

Tags support a mechanism for finding multiple databases that share the same tag. See Using Tags.


If you are creating a full clone or you are cloning the database settings, choose the database group to add the clone to.

You cannot change the database group for linked clones.


Click Next to continue to the Clone Point panel.

Specify the settings in the Clone Point panel, or click Back to return to the Clone Type panel for modifications.