Your ability to recover databases depends on scheduling regular backups. You can recover databases from backups taken using Data Director or from external backups taken using utilities such as VMware Virtual Data Recovery (VDR).

Regularly scheduled backups ensure that you can recover your databases and restore your data in the event of system failure or data corruption. See Schedule Regular Database Backups.

The recovered database is a full copy that is independent from any previously taken snapshot backup or clone database. A side-effect of this process is that you have a database that can be resized. Databases with snapshot backups or linked clones cannot be resized.

Log in to Data Director as a user with appropriate privileges.

Create Snapshots

Create External Backups

Delete Snapshots

Delete External Backups



In Data Director, select the organization and click the Manage & Monitor tab.


In the navigation pane, select your database group, and click the down arrow to show the list of databases.


Right-click your database name and select Recover.


In the Recover dialog, select recovery options, depending on your setup.


Click OK to start the recovery process.

The database is unavailable while the recovery operation is in progress.

Data Director takes a complete backup of your restored database after database recovery finishes. This post-restore backup becomes your baseline backup.