Create and modify SQL queries.

You are logged in to Data Director as a user with appropriate privileges on the database or schema.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab and select the schema for which you want to manage SQL queries.


Click Enter SQL.

The SQL dialog box has the following sections.

Entry pane.

Output pane. Allows you to examine query output, examine the query's actual run time and cost, view any output messages, and examine query run history.


Enter a query in the entry pane.

You can type or modify a SQL query, test the query, and analyze the query's execution plan before running it.

Type the query in the entry pane.

Click Open to open a SQL script file.


Click Execute to run the query.

If the query runs successfully, data appears in the Output pane.

If the query does not run successfully, Data Director shows the error message in the Messages tab.

To cancel the query, click Cancel.