Data Director provides self-service database provisioning and automation with vFabric Postgres (vPostgres). vPostgres is built on the open source Postgres database. It is compatible with pSQL and the PostgreSQL tools and client drivers. vPostgres databases are fully ACID and ANSI SQL-compliant. The ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) guarantee that database transactions are processed reliably.

Database administrators and application developers administer databases within their organizations. Database administration includes the following tasks.

Creating databases and allocating resources to them.

Cloning databases.

Managing database users, roles, privileges, and permissions.

Maintenance, including backups, restores, and removing old and unused data.

Scaling databases up.

Monitoring database usage and performance.

Monitoring database alarms.

Decommissioning databases.

See the vFabric Postgres Standard Edition User Guide for information about the Postgres database features for Data Director.