The vFabric Data Director interface includes a set of monitoring and diagnostic tools for system administrators. Administrators can see system health information; explore how organizations use resources; view system-level events, alarms, and reports; and generate diagnostic packages for individual databases and for the system itself.

The information Data Director displays for system administrators differs from the information available to organization administrators. System administrators can use the following resources for monitoring overall system health.

Dashboard Tab

In the Dashboard tab, system administrators can see system health information and a system overview. Overview information includes the number of users, number of resource bundles, and number of organizations. Administrators can also see the total CPU and memory capacity and the total database storage and backup storage allocation for this instance of vFabric Data Director. The dashboard includes information about the top five consumers of resources. Administrators can customize the Dashboard to change the sampling and to add or remove the information displayed. See Explore System Dashboard Customizations.

Manage & Monitor Tab

In the Manage & Monitor tab, system administrators can view alarms and define new alarms, view tasks and events, and configure, display, and download reports. System administrators can display reports for the organization or for a resource bundle and filter the sampling interval, time range, and other fields. See Explore Monitoring Customizations for System Administrators.

Administration Tab

In the Administration tab, system administrators can create a diagnostic package for one or more databases and for the system itself. Diagnostics packages are for use by VMware Support.

Tasks and Alarms Side Bar

The tasks and alarms side bar, in the right panel of the main page by default, displays recent tasks and alarms. The Manage & Monitor tab includes more details about tasks and alarms.