The structure of organizations depends on the operating mode: Global mode or By Organization mode.

Global Mode

In Global mode, all users in the Data Director system are visible to all organizations. Global mode is best for operating Data Director for a single enterprise in which organizations represent business units or departments within the enterprise. Organization administrators can see the global user list and grant access to any user to their organization.

By Organization Mode

In By Organization mode, Data Director operates as a service and each organization is a distinct enterprise. Organizations are not visible to each other in By Organization mode. Each organization has its own distinct user list that is not visible to any other organization. Users must either send a request to register to an organization and be approved by the organization administrator, or the organization administrator can invite a user to join the organization.

Organizations contain one or more database groups (DBGs) that in turn contain one or more databases, as shown in the following figure.

Data Director Organization Structure
Organization Structure Diagram

Organization names must be unique within Data Director. Organizations cannot be nested.

Organization roles, policies, and templates apply only within that organization. Resources allocated to an organization are reserved for that organization and cannot be shared among multiple organizations, whether in Global or By Organization mode. This restriction enhances security and ensures resource isolation among organizations.

See Managing Data Director Resources for details about resource management in Data Director.