The Data Director architecture provides database as a service (DBaaS) to application developers with security and resource isolation as well as flexible, policy-based resource management and role-based access control for system administrators. Data Director is optimized for VMware vSphere.

At the system level, Data Director supports flexible, policy-based resource management and provides resource isolation between organizations and databases. As a Data Director system administrator, you can implement security policies through role-based access control, controlling users' allowed actions with customizable roles and privileges that you delegate and grant as required.

Within organizations, Data Director offers self-service database lifecycle management for VMware vFabric Postgres (vPostgres) databases. You control database parameters with customizable database configuration and database backup templates. These templates simplify database creation and provisioning for application developers. Developers can create databases and allocate resources for them, manage schemas, set up backups and perform restores, clone databases for testing and development, scale database sizes up, and decommission databases without assistance.

The vPostgres database is based on the open source Postgres database, an ACID-compliant, ANSI-SQL-compliant transactional relational database. The database optimized for vSphere and is compatible with Postgres client tools and drivers.