The vFabric Data Director interface allows organization administrators to view CPU and memory utilization across the organization and to view database storage breakdown and utilization. Administrators can also monitor the databases and database groups, see events and alarms, create alarms, and generate and download reports.

The information that Data Director displays for organization administrators differs from the information available to system administrators. The panel on the left displays a hierarchy.

Organizations are the top level.

Expand an organization to display its database groups.

Expand a database group to display its databases.

When you select an item in the hierarchy, the right panel displays information about it if you have permission to view the information.

Organization administrators use the following tabs and panels to monitor the organization.

Dashboard Tab

In the Dashboard tab, organization administrators can customize the resource usage information displayed to them. Administrators close any of the panels, and click Customize to include the panel in the dashboard again. See Explore Monitoring Customizations for Organization Administrators.

Manage and Monitor Tab

In the Manage & Monitor tab, organization administrators select tabs to manage and monitor parts of the organization.

Manage and Monitor Tab



Databases tab

View existing databases and their attribute and status. Create databases.

Database Groups tab

View existing database groups and their attributes. Create database groups.

Alarms tab

Includes a list of all alarms triggered so far. The system displays alarms for certain events. Administrators can create custom alarms, which are then included in the Alarms panes. See Create a Custom Alarm.

Tasks and Events tab

Allows organization administrators to display information about all tasks and information about all events.

You can display events of only a certain type, and you can filter tasks and events to drill down to information you really need. See Explore Monitoring Customizations for Organization Administrators.

Tags tab

Users can create tags and use them to tag the databases. Tags categorize databases and make search easier.

Reports tab

Allows organization administrators to customize the reports pane and to create and download custom reports.

Permissions tab

Allows organization administrators to view currently defined users and roles and the privileges granted to a selected role.

Which alarms, events, and tasks the system displays depends on the current selection in the left panel. For example, with a database group selected, clicking the Events tab displays events in that database group and its databases.

Tasks and Alarms Side Bar

The Tasks and Alarms side bar, in the right panel of each tab, displays recent tasks and alarms. Explore Monitoring Customization and Filtering explains how you can collapse and expand the side bar.