After you reconfigure the network mapping or adapter in the vSphere Client, verify the changes in Data Director. You might have to reenter the network information in the Data Director UI if vCenter Server settings and Data Director settings do not match.

Reentering the settings for the Web Console network, Web Console network adapter, and vCenter network, is usually necessary if you use static IP addresses. Network configuration information that you might have to reenter includes the netmask, gateway, and DNS Server information.


Log in to Data Director as system administrator and ignore any warning that might appear.


Click the Administration tab, and click Network Setup.


Click Edit Network Setup and verify that the changes you made in vSphere Client are reflected in Data Director.


In the Network Settings wizard, check the network settings and reenter them if necessary.


Click Next and click Finish.


Click Test Network Setup to verify the network is in sync with the vCenter Server system.