You can view statistics and access your database activity logs from the Databases tab.

You are logged in to the organization as an organization administrator or user with appropriate permissions on the database you want to monitor.

You are in your organization's Manage & Monitor tab.


Click the database group that contains the database you want to monitor.


Click the Databases tab, and click the database you want.


Click the appropriate tab to view database-specific statistics.

In the Backup & Recovery tab, monitor backups and perform recovery operations.

In the Alarms tab, view warnings and alarms, such as health check and application status alarms.

In the Tasks & Events tab, view tasks, events, and their status.

In the Reports tab, view statistics reports or revise settings such as sampling intervals.

In the Logs tab, view the database activity log. You can also download the log from this tab.

In the Permissions tab, view roles, assign roles, or grant permissions.